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FESICOF Brand Identity
Inaugural Conference

the Ministry of Culture & ALECSO
Project Scope
Brand Identity Development

Industry Served
Education, Science & Development, And Culture

Successful brand identities have the power to attract new clients and make loyal ones feel at home. For FESICOF’s inaugural Riyadh conference, we designed a first-ever modern conference brand identity, encompassing:

  • A unique logo with a tagline,
  • A carefully curated color palette,
  • Stationary, 
  • Brand & social media guidelines,
  • Typography choices, 
  • Advertising templates,
  • Engaging imagery
  • Digital signage

Our Impact

  • The conference’s forward-thinking theme conveyed the FESICOF global significance, raising the bar for international events in Riyadh. 
  • 65+ speakers participated in engaging discussions and 100+ organizations were present at this exceptional conference with 20+ panel sessions.

The Saudi International Handicrafts Week
Banan Exhibition

The Heritage Authority
Ministry of Culture
Project Scope
Multimedia Services

Industry Served
Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Drawing upon our extensive working experience in the Kingdom, we produced:

  • High-definition professional illustrations that were integrated with advanced screen technologies.
  • We also produced a 6-min animated video to depict Saudi men and women’s professional and artisanal pursuits.
  • The video masterfully presented detailed drawings of ancient structures, traditional attire, and skillfully crafted tools.

Our Impact

  • Immersive experiences at the event enhanced audience engagement.
  • Concluded successfully on Monday, June 12, 2023, at Riyadh Front, drawing thousands of visitors of all ages.
  • Attended by Deputy Minister of Culture.

Concept & Content Production
Mobily Booth at LEAP Tech Exhibition-

Project Scope
Creative Concept and Execution for Digital Animated Content and Branding

Industry Served

When Mobily aimed to shine at the LEAP Tech Exhibition, creativity became our secret ingredient to stand out. 

  • We created modern animated visuals & presentations to showcase Mobily’s services at LEAP, the region’s largest tech exhibition.
  • Produced unique ad & explainer videos, with some of them smartly infused with Augmented Reality (AR), resulting in an immersive and memorable experience for all attendees. 

Our Impact

  • The Mobily booth engaged with over 100,000 visitors from more than 100 countries at the esteemed LEAP exhibition, organized by the Heritage Authority under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. 
  • Additionally, over 12 agreements and collaborations were negotiated within the booth, involving both local and international technology companies.

Iktitab Joud’s Record-breaking
Charitable Campaign

Joud Eskan
Project Scope
Creative Direction and Execution for the Project Launch Attended by Leading Businessmen and Banks in Saudi Arabia

Industry Served
Non-Profit Organization

IKTITAB JOUD was one of the revolutionary projects in Saudi Arabia, introducing the country’s first-of-its-kind “Good Housing Charitable Subscription” campaign, which aimed to provide homes for low-income families during Ramadan.

  • To appeal to prominent figures and major banks, the launch was creatively organized. 
  • Animated graphics played a key role, offering a distinctive visual representation, turning the launch into an immersive journey.


Our Impact

  • Securing a Guinness World Record, the project achieved the highest target of [insert the target achieved]through an electronic charitable campaign within a single month.
  • It has surpassed its goal of raising SR1.5 billion (almost $400 million) donated by [insert no. of participants] people during Ramadan, continuing through until its final days.

Launch Event

Al Madina Region Development Authority
Project Scope
Concept and Execution for a Launch Event

Industry Served
Real Estate & Technology

Al Madinah Smart City’s launch was intended to turn into a landmark Saudi event. Reframe efficiently managed everything, delivering a swift yet impactful execution. We integrated cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • Interactive screens
  • Lighting
  • Audio system
  • Media production
  • Live streaming
  • Animated visuals
  • Strategic media coverage

Our Impact

  • The client’s satisfaction was evident throughout the project, receiving numerous expressions of gratitude. 
  • The event hosted [insert no. of visitors] guests in total, introducing them to interactive experiences.
  • The launch’s success contributed to Madinah Smart City’s strategy, supporting Saudi Vision 2030.

The Quality of Life Initiative (QLI)
Brand Strategy & Identity

Project Scope
Complete Brand Strategy & Brand Identity Development

Industry Served
Real Estate & International Development

The Quality of Life Initiative (QLI) represents a historic milestone as the inaugural collaboration between UN-HABITAT and Vision 2030. Despite significant challenges, the project was completed within six months, meeting deadlines. 

The primary objective of the QLI project was to develop: 

  • A comprehensive brand strategy encompassing mission, vision 
  • Brand personality
  • Values 
  • A unique concept & logo 
  • Measurable metrics. 
  • A detailed brand manual was created for cohesive brand management.

Our Impact

  • The positive reception from Senior Leadership at UN-HABITAT and the government reflected their great excitement about the project’s outcome.
  • It was the world’s first initiative from the UN by Reframe.

Looking to the Future
An Unconventional Experience

Non-profit Organization
Project Scope
Multimedia Services

Industry Served
Non-profit Organization

For ‘Looking to the Future’ forum as a creative agency, we aimed to design:

  • An immersive multimedia experience, providing audiovisual production services with animated motion graphics for large-scale screens,
  • A new presentation concept of Interactive towers, and a tunnel to engage the audience.

Our Impact

  • The Forum strengthened youth community relationships across the Kingdom, China, and the Gulf, fostering partnerships, exploring future cooperation, and facilitating knowledge transfer. 
  • The interactive tunnel and towers enhanced [insert no. of visitors] audience’s experience and made information more accessible for them.
  • Several Saudi and Chinese speakers, including entrepreneurs and CEOs, participated in the forum. 
  • Notable entities like Alibaba Cloud, Huawei, and the “Invest in Saudi Arabia” platform provided insights on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and skill development.